TRAINING SPOTLIGHT:  When I first met Daisy and her mom they were both quite worried about her being groomed.  The last experience at the groomer ended badly and neither wanted to go back.  It had been a while since Daisy had been groomed and both her and her mom knew it needed to be done soon.  When I developed a training plan for Daisy, it was based around teaching her the tools to be as comfortable as possible at the groomer.  My desire was for her to learn confidence and to have grooming be a positive experience. I made lesson plans centered around getting consent from Daisy to do things like brush her or pick up her paws.  Over time she has learned that she is in control and can choose Yes or No to certain grooming.  This has allowed her to gain confidence and trust.    I'm so proud of these two and the work they have done!  Below is a letter from Daisy's mom, Cindy.



When we first purchased Daisy she was afraid of everything. She did not like to be around people; other dogs; and especially the groomer. The first time she went to the groomer she was fine and the second time she bit the groomer and that is when we knew we needed some guidance. 

I reached out to Lorette to see if she could assist me with Daisy.  We met with Lorette and each week I could see Daisy getting more comfortable with her training techniques. 

Without the help of Lorette I would of been lost and unable to have the techniques to help Daisy through this difficult time for her. Thank you Lorette for being there for both of us.



Meet some of our HAPPY dogs and clients:

Sue & Bo

I can't thank you enough for building my confidence  and Bo's! Bo was a fast learner but his trainer was his inspiration. Lorette taught me how to stay in tune with Bo even when he wasn't wanting to learn. If you ever need assistance she is available and stays in contact with you. She is so positive and loves what she does! We love her for what she has done for us. Thank you for everything Lorette!

Heidi & Vinnie

...She is amazing!!!

Jana & Oslo

...In just six weeks we have dramatically improved our dog's behavior.  It's like we finally understand him. I have never felt more confident that we can do it! Thanks Canine Tutor for training us to train Oslo!

Jackie & Riley

Riley and I have been working with Lorette in hopes to become a therapy team. Lorette has been very patient with not only Riley, a puppy with lots of energy, but I as well as I learn the techniques and discipline of training. Taking every opportunity to attend classes and seminars, Lorette is so passionate about what she does and is such a positive influencer around us. It has been a pleasure to have Lorette as part of our journey.

Tracy & Willow

Willow was having difficulty when we met other dogs during our walks. She became anxious, and would pull and loudly scream. The walks were stressful for both of us. 

Lorette met with Willow and me we talked for over an hour and came up with a plan and a goal. 

Lorette was patient and kind. She taught Willow and me strategies to apply during stressful situations.  When Willow becomes anxious, she now looks to me for guidance. She calms down when I distract her with one of the concepts we learned during training. My friends and family are impressed with the progress Willow made over such a short period of time!

Working with Lorette was an extremely positive and rewarding experience! We have both become more confident and calm when confronting a challenge. Equally important, the bond Willow and I share has grown! 

Crystal & Max

Max is a worry wart. As big as he is, he lacks confidence in himself. He is very well-disciplined, however because he lacks such confidence he is also very scared of everything. Every trainer that we have had has used every tactic in the book from E collars to dominance to exposure. Nothing has ever worked just quite right. Working with Lorette has been amazing. She has taught me how to recognize signs in my dog when he is about to have a panic attack or react to something and how to redirect him. His favorite new thing to do is play the game find it. Like working with scent work. He is so proud of himself when he finds the hidden scent. It's nice because it mentally wears him out and it builds his confidence. Max is much more relaxed. We've got a long road ahead of us but she has definitely given us the best building blocks to make him a more happy and confident dog. Plus he says she gives the best butt scratches.

Mike, Sara & Bella

We just had to share....We walked by people...and she didn't bark at all.  When we got by our yard and the dogs next door were being let out, she got in her high alert stance.  We turned the other way and played "find it" and it worked!  She didn't bark or pull!  It was amazing!  Thanks for all your teaching us.


Sara & Strom

Hi! I just wanted to share how great Storm is doing.  She is doing awesome with the pivot on platform. She is walking out the front door calmly.  We are able to move past things without going crazy.   We had a happy visit at the vet and they needed to check her weight so we had to go in the lobby to the scale 

We put her mat on the scale and I told her to go to mat and she got right on it. We walked in and out of the lobby without any barking or freaking out. That was a first. :) She also listened and sat when they told her to right away.  I've seen so much improvement with her and know she will continue to improve. Thanks again for everything you have taught us! 

HAPPY Vet Visits Certified Fear Free Training

These puppies were trained by Lorette.  As you can see at 3 months old, they are happy and calm at the vet.  


Is your dog shaking and scared the minute you pull into the clinics parking lot?  Lorette can help you make your dog feel more comfortable!   It's so much more pleasant for the dog, the owner and the veterinary staff when your dog comes in cooperative and comfortable and maybe even happy!

New Puppy?

Are you getting a shinny new puppy? Awe, the smell of puppy breath is the best!  Puppies can learn right away, as soon as you get them.  Why not start teaching them the age appropriate behaviors you want, rather than retraining unwanted behaviors later?  Canine Tutor can help you get started off on the right PAW!



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