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Our president and lead trainer, Lorette has been training dogs her entire life...literally since she was around 10 years old.  She has always enjoyed helping others learn how to interact with their dog, watching body language and noticing little things about their dogs that make living with them even more enjoyable.

Lorette is also a co-founder of the non-profit, Deafinitey Dogs! in Cedar Rapids.  She is the Director of Training and Operations and very much enjoys training service dogs to partner with people with disabilities.

Her certification is one that proves her dedication and knowledge to the world of dog training.  This certification requires that she continues her education and acquire continuing education credits. She has taken classes under some of the best trainers and behaviorists in the world such as: Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, Ken Rameriz, Kathy Sdao and her favorite animal person of all Temple Grandin!

Lorette believes strongly in the canine x human bond and the magic it brings to our lives!  She is thrilled to help people learn better ways to work with their dogs.  Her training lessons are inspired by her love for dogs and a desire to help people enjoy a better relationship with their dog!  

Lorette, The Canine Tutor, believes strongly that learning should never be painful or scary.   There are science based, proven methods that allow both you and your dog to have fun and ENJOY learning!

Call today, and together let's teach you and your dog how to have fun while learning.

We come to you!

All God's Creatures - Amazing!

Lorette with Harris Hawk Mikey

Interacting with many species!

Lorette loves all animals and wildlife.  One of her "bucket list" things to do was work with birds of prey.

Lorette with her horse Dante

Horses are a life long passion...

The days of "breaking" horses are over!  We know that building relationships based on trust, develops into dependable horses, both on the ground and while riding.

Lorette with an Eagle Owl 

That's a BIG owl!

What a magnificent creature.  This owl has the most beautiful eyes and powerful talons.  It was a true pleasure meeting her.

Lorette swimming with Dolphins

Truly Spiritual Beings

This was such an amazing but sad experience.  I truly loved meeting this dolphin!  But, I felt a deep saddness in her.   I will never again pay to swim with a captive dolphin.  


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