Dog x Human Bond

The relationship we have with our dogs is like no other.   Your dog's brain works in a way that is very similar to your own.  Both you and your dog deserve to train in a way that strengthens your bond.   The Canine Tutor will teach you methods that enhance your relationship.


The dog x human bond is at the heart of all we do. 

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Certified Professional Trainer

The Canine Tutor is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.    Don't settle for just anyone who calls themselves a dog trainer - you and your dog deserve guidance from a professional - a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  Our trainer teaches using the lastest science based methods, and teaches using positive reinforcement.  You and your dog should feel safe and excited about learning!


Our trainer is:

Certified Professional Trainer (CPDT-KA) through Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Certified Fear Free Trainer through Fear Free

Member of Pet Professionals Guild (PPG)

Member of International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)

Member of Animal Assisted Interventions International (AAII)

Body language

Canine Body Language is fasinating.  Dogs are constantly "talking" to us and other dogs.  The Canine Tutor will help you recognize the important body language you need to know. Learing to recognize what your dog is "saying" will allow for better communication between you and your dog. Growing your bond based trust in each other.

Positive (Kind) Training

The Canine Tutor teaches positive, bond based training techniques. There is no need for harsh training equipment ever. We understand you love your dog and want to improve your training skills.    The Canine Tutor will show you ways to easily train your dog with scientifically proven, positive training methods.  Your dog will love learning and enjoy training sessions!

Dogs Are Our Passion


What would our world be like without dogs?                         We can't even imagine!  


How fortunate are we that these amazing animals enjoy our company and want to please us.   We owe it to them and to ourselves to do what we can to live happily together.  Happy doesn't mean that our dogs are unbehaved and hard to live with.  At The Canine Tutor we truly believe that dogs and people are happiest when they coexist in a balanced, happy home.  

Canine Tutor:  Training What Matters -                           Where it Matters Most!

The Canine Tutor offers a limited number of individualized in-home training sessions.  Every session is specifically tailored for you and your dog.  No cookie cutter lessons.  We will sit down with you and find out what desirable behaviors you would like to see in your dog, and which behaviors you would like to change.   Our six week training program will develop a plan just for you and your dog with those goals in mind.   Training what matters - Where it matters most!

Yes!  We will even help your dog become more comfortable at the veterinarian or groomer!   These can be scary places for your dog, together lets help them be more comfortable...or even enjoy those trips.  

12 Week Old Puppies at veternarian with The Canine Tutor
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